Russian National Team.

Dmitry Musersky joined the Russian National Volleyball Team in 2010 and participated in the London Olympics in 2012.

He had not fully recovered from his injury by that time, which took its toll on the game at the group stage: the athlete was not very accurate or stable at servings. Nevertheless, he still managed to get his act together and made a tremendous contribution at the final match of the Olympics.

Fans will recall how Dmitry succeeded in turning the tide of the final game: by changing his position from a blocker to an opposite hitter, he successfully endured the enormous pressure of the opponents and the immense workload of the offensive. The Russian team enjoyed victory over the Brazilians, thanks largely to Dmitry Musersky.

His will to win, his dynamic and masterful play, and his passionate commitment helped Dmitry to complete 28 out of 49 attacks and score 31 points, thus becoming the highest scorer of the finals.